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I would recommend a Bulldog serie- cheap and working outstanding for me.
I thought it was time to upgrade myself in terms of quality and bought me this lovely fellows.
Hi everybody, I am just curious about getting my hands on some pocket knife holder from either Alden och other Shell cordovan manufacture. Are there any retailers online? i got in contact with Alden shop in NY but they would charge me 90 US for shippment to Sweden and that is not including tax ( 25%). Anyone who could recommend other stores i can e-mail or get in contact with? Best regards from overseas!
Casual shell cordovan is only alternative in this shitty weather today..
My first pair of Alden... You won`t get your hands on these here in Skandinavia and i ordered a pair from Leather Soul, outstanding service by the way...
Quote: Originally Posted by Piato Measurements on request: 13" length, 4 5/8" width. Measured on the outsole. Still waiting for some deasent pictures!
Quote: Originally Posted by tshaw Okay, Fred - What else is hanging on those walls? Wld love to see the whole art collection - it's very cool!!! I have a collection of winter/snow scenes and medieval art (some illustrated manuscript-type paintings-some are my own). The art collection has grown too large and I've had to stop 'collecting' 'cause I don't have any more wall space. In fact, I've had to take several pieces to the 'office' 'cause there's no...
Still having a bit hangover from yesterday! But it was worth it! The place was this
Shaving products from Old Bond street ( shaving cream and aftershave) Nivea deodarant ( simply best)
Just to start with: Gym is overrated according to my experience, no offence but as i have experienced it`s always waiting time in order to get on with training. Great advise to train i all weather condition: buy 2 pair of running shoes, one with usual soule and other for winter conditions so you have no excuse not be outside! Another great thing to do is jus exercise with your own body weight, i mean if you can perform some basic exercise with 80-90 kg that will...
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