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No pictures on hand; lots of beater crew, scoop and v tees for the summer from Topman, Muji etc and stone shirt. Black waxed Drkshdw detroits, Black cotton/Cashmere Cloak sleeveless hood.
imhotep is a great seller, super communication, really informative, very punctual shipping and all round good guy.
RFX looks really good, are those the new Silent sneakers?
Didn't the guy behind WJK work under MA at Carpe diem for some time?
Who makes that shirt, I agree it looks great, may have opted for black footwear instead of white but no real gripes with the fit because it looks excellent.
You're right, thank you!
Quote: Originally Posted by sipang I'll take the the parka, the blazer and those button cuffs pants, thank you merci. This, several times over Doubt there will be a UK stockist however.
Quote: Originally Posted by roryben I want to find some good stores in the UK (particularly London or Bristol), but I can't use the Search function because "UK" is only two characters so won't return any results. This weekend I found some nice little shops in Covent Garden but really not much to whet my appetite. Any suggestions? Or, is there a "where can I buy..." thread I've missed? Thanks London; Albam, Present, Dover Street Market,...
Can a shirt with some staining around the armpits and occasional light marks be dry cleaned and died black with a good result or would that be in vain? Thanks
This thread is great, the linen shirt looks really nice actually as do those almost fully bleached denim. Newbie question but for shirts that have staining that isn't too severe if it was dry cleaned and then died black would that work fully do you think? Thanks
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