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Asobu and Mellowfellow both looking great. Like lmaozedong's fit apart from the funnel neck it doesn't work for me, looks good otherwise though.
Cropped trousers look fine to me, and the shirt fits you well. Looking forward to seeing the Ann jacket on you. I agree with everybody that Snowman's last fit looked real nice and all flows really well all throughout even down to the shoes, i like!
The one Merz sold on SZ?
Got some really nice stuff here, does the shipped prices only include CONUS?
Really enjoy both the fits you have posted recently Lane, those Julius shorts look better on you than they did in the stock picture, leather looks good on you too.
Really like that fit synth, you look great in the more 'regular' fits but fits like this appeal more and you look confident enough to pull off a fit that a lot on here may not. Also that Blazer is so nice and goes with just about everything!
Noob here but I vote for anniversary Harrington in Goretex or some tech material. Out of curiosity what price bracket do you think it would it be?
I like that fit MOK, maybe the buttons are a bit overbearing but I like it overall including the jacket.
That Geller coat looks really nice. Synthese posted three very good fits, the butchered ricks look really cool.
Quote: Originally Posted by bows1 Post pics of Cloak piece! Here you go I'm afraid it is not the most exciting Cloak piece created but I like it.
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