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MA Julius denim looks nice. Interested to see how you will wear that Isaora jacket too, full tech or just with other stuff?
Do you mean simply looks metallic or does it contain metal fibre woven in? As it appears to have a sheen to it that looks metallic.
Quote: Originally Posted by iroh goddammit do people wear ridiculous clothes like this in real life? i want to see a wear pic just to see if you even look good in it. How is it ridiculous?
I think the Blazer personally but it depends what else you had in mind with the Junya coat.
Rick Owens slim pants (not my photo)
Second linen jacket in a week? Nice form haha, looks good though especially with more VA.
I think the arm details could work provided it fits him well but its up to him, what Julius blazer were you considering Lane, can you post a picture?
I'm pretty sure Topman has absolutely loads of those styles if you aren't planning on wearing them to an inch of their lives.
@Lane definitely get that Cloak Blazer, I want it bad but can't afford it, so buy it. (Assuming this is the one tailored to an xs)
Jwied looks better with knit over and whole fit just looks good to me, I like it everything goes well together.
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