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If you feel you can pull it off then definitely get it, are there any photos of how it was styled? It could like you say look awesome if done right.
I'll echo all the love you have been getting, I thnk it looks even beter in the side shot too as you can see the shirt and pants drape well. It's getting hot now so that looks again really good to wear, keep posting good fits!
There are worse things to wear in the heat, the OV tee drapes nicely on you.
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma That's because you're British; every year Heathrow is a big fuckup and the admins are all like "we didn't expect winter to happen" O'RLY!!! Haha! Fair point, we're really ill-prepared for pretty much every weather type except grey and slightly cold.
Wow. They look so nice!
I'm not set for summer really, I've bought two pairs of black jeans and one pair of black pants these past months.
I like that, the UW pants look good, even if it is a bit blue although the chambray breaks up the navy.
^ That looks perfect for just lounging about in warm weather, I like it.
Quote: Originally Posted by RFX45 It's the wool trousers. Nice, my cotton ones arrived today, pretty happy with the cut overall. Those WJK tees look good, what is the quality because I don't exactly see them as beater tees?
Really nice pick ups, I've got some RO pants in the post, which ones are they you have? Prorsum blazer looks great.
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