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Yes several times over to the Juun J vest jacket, and Julius too if you can somehow manage to afford it.
Quote: Originally Posted by whatever123 wtf. sell to me NOW. those are my size. i want them more than you. Those gray ones i mentioned are in the BS, there are some blacks in the same size too from another seller, just have a look they're not old posts, gray 34s are 100, black 34s 120. I bought +J Cotton Linen shirt.
Quote: Originally Posted by whatever123 where did you find the ndg jeans? i so want a pair of their gray and black slim cuts. i liked ndg ... anyone know who bought them? Got mine cheap on SuFu, there are a gray pair in the FS:SWD for$100 shipped but they are 34, so that may be of no use to you unless you're willing to have them butchered down if necessary (as I do not know your pant size).
Black NDG denim and black Cheap Monday parka.
Yeah it looks much better unzipped, I like it.
Wow; you must have one of the best footwear collections here man, they look really really nice, AVs you posted a few pages back and these side zip CDs, jealous.
Synthese and Baconzilla look absolutely amazing! Snowman looking nice and relaxed but good too, lowkey but well dressed still.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lane FW2011 stuff looking really spectacular on luisviaroma. The Gareth Pugh stuff looks incredible, especially the coats!
All three fits look really nice, very minimal and good, shoes are really really nice.
Yeah glad you bought it, look forward to fit pics! If it doesn't work out send it me free please.
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