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Jwied, Aeglus and Hurhur all looking great.
That's a good point; obviously I wont be all black continually and such but I do want to add different pops of colour in and switch up to different pieces. I'm just starting to build my wardrobe now and like I said when I start posting fits I would love to hear feedback. Thanks guys.
Great stuff hurhur, Guidi's look good from what I can see.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lane you're 17? thats fucking awesome...definitely start slowly man cuz you're also growing a lot. Yeah I'm pretty decided on what I want but am more than willing to wait and do it very gradually, once I start posting fits you can see what I'm aiming at, just turned seventeen too so got to play it slowly.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lane cardigans are really versatile pieces. A rick wrap cardigan can be worn multiple ways, which makes it the best purchase over a knit, and even a leather at times. I however prefer drapey shit immensely since I feel its more suitable for me than the aggressiveness of a leather. what are you going for if I may ask? curious Black, Grey and white for the palette mainly, black denim and pants, white, grey and black...
Not bad, if you are getting more knits than cardigans using some current sufu/ b+s prices etc you could save like $2-300 but that's the same with leathers and coats really, and it is still pretty difficult to make it work entirely unless you get lucky as you mentioned. I'm going for the same sort of stuff currently but not Julius particularly; mainly due to what I can afford and only really getting into serious interest in clothing. So it was interesting seeing your spin...
Lane I would like to see you attempt this, think it would be interesting to see if you could do it.
Ghostdog, Ivwri, Aeglus, snake and Kelv all look really good. Like NN's Geller coat too.
Juun J Boots, pictures on arrival.
Snow, dope, however needs less cuffing and rolling so you look even less human
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