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Baconzilla you are on the most consistently good posters in this thread, good fit again.
Quote: Originally Posted by Edris Anyone know where one could acquire silk or silk blend t-shirts? Julius and Damir both have 80/20 silk blends; manmade natural have tencel/silk blends and rick has rayon/silk blends.
Baconzilla fit looks awesome again.
It is hard trying to build a specific wardrobe from scratch wth nearly no money, it sucks.
I really like that, all the Yohji looks great on you !
Bless 25 Uniseasoner Knit/Lace shorts; pictures when they arrive.
Lane that would look better minus the tank (or at least a loose longline tank) and glasses as stated, other than that it looks great.
Okay; not good enough to be posting fits yet, thanks for being honest guys, appreciate it.
^ I agree with this. Looks nice and laid back Synth.
The new Prurient album is shaping up to be amazing and I've only heard two tracks. RFT the White Mountaneering stuff looks crazy good; patterns and materials all look so nice.
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