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Buy his stuff they are both bargains!
I had a parcel from Canada sent on the 28th that I received on the 4th so I can only assume it is the strike. Just wanted to make sure was all, not accusing the guy as I'm sure he is legit and if necessary will contact me.
I bought from the guy over a month ago and am still waiting on my parcel too, been over 4 working weeks so far since he said it was shipped and no mention of anything yet. I hope he hasn't ripped me off, if you read this PM me please.
Such a good jacket!
Great ft again Baconzilla.
Got my Bless shorts, fucking huge so hard to figure out how to wear them; guess I'll wear them as an oversized wrap over some jeans or pants.
No other issues, have been great asides from that, will just stitch them back up this week.
Tore the crotch on my Drkshdws in Biology class today
Pictures? Also was the cardigan the one Epoc was selling?
Juun J looks great, outerwear looks sick as usual.
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