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Beautiful new with tags Incotex Chino Lino, 36 waist, unhemmed (of course). I bought these pants thinking they were khaki. Unfortunately, i'm colorblind, and when I got them home, my wife informed me that they were actually a very pale green. Not going to wear a pair of pants when I can't see their color, so i'm passing them on to you! Perfect for the summer! Up close photos show the color the best. Shipping is included CONUS - if you want them shipped outside the...
Drop to $80. Final drop!
Single vent
Dropped down to $75 - any takers?
Beautiful new-with-tags Hickey Freeman mainline Madison Model suit. This Loro Piana cloth suit is absolutely gorgeous in person. Stylish enough to set you apart from all of the other navy suits out there, but not so loud that you can't wear it anywhere! The close up of the tag on the sleeve is the best demonstration of the color of this suit. You can see that this suit has never been worn, as the sleeve and vent basting is still intact, and it still has a sleeve...
Drop to $95.
Drop to $100.
Getting rid of all the stuff I can't wear - up next is a Mark Fezza sportcoat in a beautiful camel hair blend fabric. This jacket is pretty close to NWT - all the pockets except the breast pocket are still sewn shut, and I opened the breast pocket on the one occasion i've worn this jacket! The fabric feels brand new, and is luxuriously soft. I would be wearing this sportcoat once a week if I had my way. However, turns out that I have some sort of weird shoulder roll...
Beautiful Oxxford Navy Flannel Pinstripe, originally from the Andover Shop! No need to talk too much about Oxxford; if you're reading this, then you know its commonly known as the best US RTW suit maker. This suit has all the bells and whistles one would expect, including subtle pick stitching (which I personally prefer to the in-your-face stuff), hand-formed armholes, and the standard Oxxford buttonhole on the lapel. Bought this awhile ago, and had it tailored to fit a...
New Posts  All Forums: