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Can anyone comment on the weight/thickness of the brushed herringbone shirts? Say compared to the work flannels.
I was afraid of this. I am 6,2", so the shorter inseam might be a problem on top of the waist measurement. Might have to pass on the fatigues, which is a bummer because i was looking forward to their release.
Have anyone gotten this seasons fatigues? I see that the bureau has the waist on a S measured at 33", but i was wondering how much you can tighten the drawstring (i am guessing 33" is with string open) . I have a 31" waist and i am unsure if this will be to small.
How long does it usually take from the order is placed to when they ship? Ordered a pants six days ago, and haven't gotten a shipping notice, just an order confirmation.
Might i ask what you managed to pack/can fit in the small one, since you think it's too small for weekend trips? I'm also struggling choosing between small and medium.
Does anyone here own a Filson duffle? I am considering buying one, but i am not sure if i should buy the small or the medium. I will probably use it mostly for weekend trips, so i am leaning towards the small, but if anyone have any pictures or info on how much you can cram into a bag, it will be greatly appreciated.
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