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Sold. Thanks Nat.
Sold, pending payment.
Size 11, fits appropriately. Very nice in good condition. $50 will barely cover the shipping
2 ties, $30. Not willing to sell separately. Pictures say it all. Kiton tie is super lux and Isaia is 7-fold. When I was pulling the Kiton tie out to take a picture it got caught on a belt or something and has the pictured pulls/things seen. Not perfect. Think about it as a clean Isaia 7 fold with a Kiton for free.
Baller brown suede Sutor's with the trademark blue soles found on their highest grade shoes. Included is the original box, shoes, and trees. Size 11, but fits closer to a 12. Keep that in mind. I only wore these with socks, but they would look great sockless with a pair of linen pants.
Tom Ford shirt I bought from Neiman two years ago probably at this point. Baller as they come. Original retail IIRC was close to $500. French cuff. Sorry for the glamor shots, I got a little carried away taking pictures with the cufflinks. Haha.
Two pairs of LP shirts. Great quality, thick MOP buttons, cotton on par with my Thom Browne OCBD's. Both recently dry cleaned. Will sell both for $75, or each for $50. Yes I know that doesn't make sense, but I don't want to ship shirts to different people
Been MIA for a while. Decided to list a couple things to see if there's interest here before putting on ebay. Happy to make a deal for some of the other things I have (Loro Piana shirts, some sport coats, Edward Green shoes, etc. For local guys, I also have a 4 watch Orbita winder some older porsche parts (restoring my 964), couple BMW parts. Anyway, this is for the pictured Margiela sweater. I'd say it's a large small or a small medium. I'm a 48 in Cucinelli all day long...
Baller. Would buy in a second if it was a medium. Aspesi is definitely an underappreciated brand here.
Such a nice pair of shoes.
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