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Hi All,I'm sorry to re-post some of the same pictures that I posted months ago but I'm looking to try once again with a Kent Wang suit and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions as to what to communicate to Kent Wang so that a future jacket might be closer to the mark. As it stands, this coat is not only ill fitting but extremely uncomfortable to wear.I am not looking for alteration suggestions to this coat (I am happy to sacrifice it's cost as an experiment) but am...
Sorry to bump my own post but it seems that I originally posted during a flurry of activity and it go rather swamped.Would really appreciate any advice.Cheers
Hi there, I've just recently received my first MTM from Kent Wang and there are some pretty serious fit issues with the jacket. Because of the nature of some of these problems, I doubt alterations are much of a possibility but I was wondering if anyone might be able to suggest how to improve the fit for next time. I'm happy to write this one off as a loss if it leads me closer to what I want in the future. The main problems are the adjustment for head forward being too...
Thanks for the feedback OTCtailor. I agree about sloping the shoulders. Roughly how much would you specify? 2cm for the right and 1.5cm for the left? More? And yes, I generally am a little head forward but I'm not sure KW has an easy default measurement to deal with that. Any thoughts? Do you think their length measurements are sufficient?
Hi all, Another KW trial suit I'm afraid... There are some obvious length issues that I'm already on top of and whilst the shoulder width is good, the rest of the coat is too large around the chest/waist. The biggest issue is, obviously, the back as caused by my forward sloping shoulders and prominent shoulder blades. KW suggests the following: Lower each shoulder 1cm Lower buttoning point 1.5cm Reduce bicep 1cm Shoulder pitch backward 0.5cm Raise armhole 1cm Reduce...
Hello, I have an old pair of bespoke trousers that are all but worn out and I'd like to have them used as a template for copying. Can anyone recommend a good online tailor who is able to copy trousers with good quality at a decent price? I'm happy to supply my own cloths if they do CMT. I'd also be a happy to have the trousers destroyed in order for a good pattern to me made. Any experience, anyone? Cheers
Hi All, I was wondering if anyone has had one of KW's suits made up as a double breasted? I'd love to see some real world shots of how they turn out. Also after any real world shots of any dinner suits that anyone has had made. Cheers!
I don't think that this has already been posted, but American Tailors in Melbourne has a bunch of new Carmina models at $525 and their remaining stock of G&Gs are down to something like $795. I also think the C&J Handgrades are something like $595 now too. Worth popping in.
Hello, This may seem like splitting hairs but does anybody have a preference as to either the Navy or Dark Navy grenadine as offered by Sam Hober? I can't decide. I imagine I'll probably get both anyway. Cheers
Hello, Just wondering if anyone happens to have this jacket?||US008NAV||||||||||||| I'm looking for a cheap knockabout jacket for weekends and this seems to fit the bill; especially because it comes in a 38L. Any opinions on quality/fit from anyone? Cheers
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