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What about just going to the gym and doing your thing for 7/7 two hours per day. I think will pretty much do the trick.
Likes to eat beans, but my stomach won't permit me. It always gives me one hell of a trouble each time I do.
Quote: Originally Posted by cptjeff Designers are fucking assholes. Vanity sizing hurts people. Real people. A size small should not fit like a goddamned tent. It would not kill stores to actually stock small sizes. There are people out there who still have 14.5 necks. There are actually people who wear shoe sizes above a 2 and below an 8. ect... If you're a smaller guy, you know the drill. Yes you are so right about...
I tried to report the above, but found out that there wasn't any such option on the style forum. Oh well! I took a bath in the cold weather of about 0 with cold water of about 0
Yes, I do. At times even more than once or twice during the day. When sitting down and doing nothing and I have the chance to look at my shoes, I will surely untie it and tie it back again. Just to make sure it is OK.
Quote: Originally Posted by AlistairJones Adidas original's !!! BEST Clothes i've ever had... You are right. Me too In fact I get myself a new Adidas every year
Oh just awesome, what a list. It looks as if one can get anything shoes just from looking at those list. It is really impressive, and kudos to the person that did the job
And did he? I mean poop on your Barker Blacks? I think if he actually did that would be a sign of love he has for you, or revenge. Who knows
Nope sorry. Not me it is not my typical kind of work and I think it is rather a rare choice well good luck with finding somebody who have and who can help you with your questions.
Welcome and hope you are finding it here as useful as I am. And yes I am new too.
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