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Is the color in the first two pictures accurate, and is it dry-clean only? Thanks!
What should I do for basic white sneakers? It will be used primarily with raw denim, and my budget is
Do you have photos to gauge the condition with?
It's summer in Texas and its getting hotter and hotter...and I still don't have any decent-fitting shorts! Any recommendations on my first pair for ≤$60?
Quote: Originally Posted by dan138zig I have a tight fitting Sperry and the glued parts near the thumb are already opened a bit. I wish I had bought 0,5 size larger. What do you mean by thumb?
How tight should new boat shoes fit? I have Sperry's in 9E, and they feel a little loose on the side (the side of the shoe is not "gripping" my foot) and I can fit a finger between my heel and the end of the shoe with a little effort. I'm thinking I should get a 8.5D?
How tight are Sperry's A/O supposed to fit on the first wear? I got a 9E, which is close but still feeling a bit loose. I can squeeze a finger between the heel and the back of the shoe with some effort, and the sides feel loose. Since apparently they stretch out some, I'm guessing I should try a 8.5D? I intend to wear sockless.
MartianManhunter is legit. Good price, responsive, and fast shipping (with tracking number). I am pleased with my purchasing experience.
What's the difference between Indigo, Natural Organic Indigo, and Deep Indigo? Unfortunately, no retailers around here carry all three types.
Quote: Originally Posted by linkinwayne I have a pair in 100% organic cotton. BNWT Is it this one?
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