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Another suggestion, because I know TS would do it extremely well, lets get some linen/cotton blends for some telegraph pants or even a chino with that sort of blend, esp for that year-round southern california weather
Didn't see an answer to my previous question. Any potential restocks for the basic tees? Also, any hopes for multi-packs or new colors?
Any chance for a restock on the standard tees, mainly the v-necks? Also, would there be a deal associated with a 2-pack?
Band collars, for either short or long sleeve shirts would be legit to see
What's the consensus on the chinos? And how "slim" are the slim fit versions? Also, anyone unsure of the maritime jacket should definitely cop it. I bought the collab w/ Woolrich last year and it is quite the specimen. It is a bit itchy thus I recommend wearing something light underneath. Per usual when I wear my TS gear, I received numerous compliments from strangers and it survived the cold of very Northern Arizona
I feel as though I asked this before and I apologize if I have, but will you guys be offering the BK Circus collabo overshirt at all or is that only in store at the BKc SF?
Is there any chance for a schedule for the remainder of the year, or maybe even a stretch longer? That'd be too great.
Obviously it's personal preference, but it would be awesome to see a 2 button version of the telegraph jacket. Something unlined and similar to the most recent release would be greatly appreciated.
I bought my girlfriend the last plaid run you made for girls and she fell in love with it. Any chance of a new drop for the ladies in the near future?
it might be slightly corny, and i know you guys do the giveaway on facebook, but you consider doing a buy x amount of shirts get 1 free...i own 6 or 7 TS shirts and it'd be a great incentive
New Posts  All Forums: