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The other side of it, from our resident fabric care expert, Mr. Bloom . . . http://www.ravefabricare.com/true-quality-cleaning/2010/10/6/thinking-about-dyeing-a-garment.aspx - M
Lots of good information here . . . http://www.pburch.net/dyeing/dyeblog/C2070637368/E20120923101528/index.html - M
Thanks. I do not know how much of those 70-80 hours is fitting versus "finishing" the suit after fit is satisfied.I suppose I'll ask Charles de Luca himself someday. - M
Do you think CdL can do four to five fittings in a week (well, except maybe in August when they're all on vacances) for an international visitor?Or would that be too hurried for quality? - M
Good thing you clarified. Would go to CdL based on gray but not blue. - M
In his own words . . . https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=7Mu4bi1b8p8 - M
Photos and text by Giuseppe “Pino” Mancuso. Note: 62 years of experience with bespoke tailoring and styling. Core experience between 1955-1966, Milan. Front and back cut from client’s personal pattern . . . First fitting, no pockets done . . . Second Fitting: Lapels are what the client chooses – 70’s style. Front needs adjustment for slight erect posture. Black jacket on mannequin shows a different shape for different client. In good bespoke what is...
I'm just sayin' . . .Their hands are usually beefy and strong (cue Ed for more "comments" ), but when they shake yours it's almost womanlike in its grip.Just musing that it's from all those years of pincering the needle and thread, but having to delicately appose fabric pieces together. - MBh, regarding Neo, did you mean necrosurgeon?
I've shaken hands with a handful of master tailors in my life (those who have been hand sewing since 15) and their handshake feels much like that of my neurosurgical colleagues. I suppose it's the delicate handling of things over and over in their lives. - M
Anymore about the only thing I request is the lapel shape.This fitting was really a collaboration of the tailor and me - under the direction of my maker.My maker was there to, how shall I say, facilitate the desired outcome.The beauty of the piece is all from his eyes.Agree.Collar is where much of the jacket/coat hang from. It doesn't have a chance to "form" and show handiworks like lapels and chest. - M
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