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^ Sure - M
Ea natura multitudinis est: aut servit humiliter, aut superbe dominatur, libertatem, quae media est, nec suscipere modice nec habere sciunt.Finishing the thought. - M
I really enjoy my friendship with Jon. 99.99% of my bespoke clothes are by him.It is the tailor's signature.Tailor is Sicilian, but he refers to his tailoring as Milanese. Emigrated to North America in the 70s.Nope. The silhouette is the tailor's, the lapels are client's request. Still very flexible (or mature) for a man who will be 79 this month. - M
Back to Italian (Sicilian to be exact) tailoring . . .I am fortunate that the grandmaster in the mirror even considered making the jacket pour moi. To him "style" = "silhouette," not fancy details. - M
I am learning a lot from SartodiNapoli's posts. Grazie mille.
- M
The other side of it, from our resident fabric care expert, Mr. Bloom . . . - M
Lots of good information here . . . - M
Thanks. I do not know how much of those 70-80 hours is fitting versus "finishing" the suit after fit is satisfied.I suppose I'll ask Charles de Luca himself someday. - M
Do you think CdL can do four to five fittings in a week (well, except maybe in August when they're all on vacances) for an international visitor?Or would that be too hurried for quality? - M
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