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As a statistician, I'm always glad to do a survey. However, this one made me cringe. Bad question design leads to bad answers leads to bad output.
I'd stay away from bright colors or gaudy patterns. A simple polkda dot or striped bowtie looks good with a button down. Repeating Barims, roll up the sleeves to increase the casual look. A brown wool sportscoat and dark toned tie will give you the "professor" look.
Well, if it's fun, I'd go full blown three piece suits with top hats. Lovecraft was a well known Anglophile, and he often echoed Victorian attitudes in his works. If a black guy is in the group, dress him up like slave-cult member for authenticity. If you have an octopus in the group...well, you just win.
Shoe and efficient.
Hmm...charcoal pants and jacket maybe?
It depends on what you're looking for. Asia tends to be cheaper, warmer, and offers a lot more debauchery. Europe on the other hand offers astounding architecture, history, and water that is potable. Honestly, I'd recommended Europe. Transportation between countries is extremely easy, most people speak English past "You want Nike, Rolex?!", and it offers a good mix of touristy spots and out of the way places. Italy is a great country for a trip. Rome is fantastic,...
Yeah, I've seen those types of bowties popping up a lot recently. They usually come pretied with a that metal clasp in the back. They're for people who want the style of the self tie, but don't want to learn how. I'd honestly take it back, bowties are usually sold untied handing on a rack, like a normal tie would be presented. I'm not sure of your location, but you're big department stores (JC Penny's , Belk's, etc...) occasionally will sell cheap ones for about $15. ...
I'd bring them, it couldn't hurt.
A tan linen suit would be great. Just don't go for white linen, the bride might not appreciate it.
Well, its definitely not for everyday...but it does give you a Russian billionaire look.
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