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Bump with new pictures, way lower prices, and Common Projects.
Additional pictures for all items: http://imgur.com/a/5VYKH#0 Two $500 Billy Reid physical gift cards. $450 each or $850 for both. Common Projects Vintage Achilles Low White/Green Size 44 Brand New - Never Worn (Comes with box) SOLD Levi's Vintage Collection 1954 501Z Jeans Size: 30x34 Brand New - Never Worn Selling for $100>90. Levi's Vintage Collection 1967 Type III Jacket Size: M Brand New - Never Worn Selling for $100>90. Levi's Vintage Clothing Blue Pocket...
Will sell one $500 gift card for $460 or both together ($1000 value) for $900.
I have $1000 in Billy Reid gift cards for sale for $950. If you're buying stuff from them already, get an extra $50 off. Cards are physical plastic, not just a code.
I will get it mtm, I want to see what the leather/details are like before I buy it.
NEW YORK DUDES WHO OWN DOUBLE RIDERS: I'm finally going to pull the trigger on a double rider, after wanting one forever. I haven't seen or felt one in person though, and I am also figuring out the best size and style for me to get. Are there any dudes in New York that would let me check their jacket out? I know everyone says the jackets are the best for the money, I'd just like to see it up close before dropping the cash. I think I'll be a size 46-48, so if anyone has...
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