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Finally the right place at the right time....a set of Brioni and Borrelli shirts, too big for me(L or XL). Keeping a Brioni and Truzzi shirt as I know in my heart these also don't fit me well. The Brioni NM is a french cuff. PM me if anyone might be interested.
Spotted 3 XL Borrelli-Neiman Marcus shirts that were not my size before the weekend. Went down to UCLA for a graduation and stopped by a GW on LaBrea...fixed pricing,total crap. Went back to the shop yesterday and now down to 2 Borrelli shirts. I suppose I should grab them.
I believe you meant to say Neiman Marcus Last Call. http://www.lastcall.com/index.jhtml
BONUS: Take $2 off on any tie on my other sales thread when combining a shirt purchase! Double RL Size XL $25 shipped CONUS S-S:18.5" A-A:25" S-Cuff:27.75" Ted Baker Size 4 $25 shipped CONUS S-S:19.5" A-A:24" S-Cuff:26.25" Ede & Ravenscroft Size 16"/41CM $35 shipped CONUS Small spot and tag hole on inner french cuff, hidden when worn S-S:20.5" A-A:16.75" S-Cuff:24.375" Faconnable (Made in Turkey) Size XL $25 shipped...
Quote: Originally Posted by lilmann40 Hey, I was hoping you guys could help me out...I've been seeing a lot of ties, blazers, etc. by brands that "look" nice, but I just don't know if they are worth picking up. I'm just going to throw some names out and feel free to let me know if any of these are decent...and also, feel free to add any that are not known as much as more mainstream brands. I mean I see tons of Made in Italy/Pure Silk/Made in Paris,...
Drops, 3 ties added!
All silk except the YSL. Prices include shipping CONUS: Roberta $6<$8<$10<$15 Charvet(shows some wear) NLA Unlabeled $9<$10<$12<$15 New & Lingwood $20<$22<$25<$30 Daniel Milano $13<$15<$18<$20 Lucio Lamberti SOLD YSL Polyester $11<$13<$15<$20 Burberry $24<$27<$30 LAST DROP Lanvin SOLD Armani $8<$10<$12<$15 Kenneth Cole $6<$8<$10 LAST DROP Umberto Bossi $6<$10 (fine silk) LAST DROP Turnbull & Asser SOLD Lancel $15<$17<$30
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