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Fairly fit, but its not like I am a starting PG in the NBA. I go to the gym, still play bball twice a week, etc. I certainly have a slimmer frame.
Off my Rack: See above. And is there any way you can stop taking this thread so seriously? Obviously I will have alterations done.
Sorry, the person above me said shortening the jacket, which is what I was refering to. Quoting people on this board takes up a ton of space, and I find it annoying to read, so I try not to do it. I will try to find something that has the correct shoulder width, length, and preferably chest, and alter the easy stuff.
Good info everyone, thanks for posting. Alterations will not be an option for me, as I am looking to go a little short by getting a R instead of a L (I am 6'2 and always put into a long although my torso is average length). Unfortunately, most of the cuts that fit me in the shoulders and chest are very short, as in 29/29.5". I dont mind going to a 30.5, but much shorter than that looks weird to my eye. As I said above, I am hoping to pick up a couple used suits that...
I will be looking forward to them (the pics).Also, I will have to try your tailor. That is very reasonable.
Very nice. I want a pair in black.
Sooo slim fitting suit jackets wear short? Is this across most lines?
How did it go? Did you take before/after pictures?
GBR: I am going to try to buy 2-3 used RTW suits, and have them tailored. I am not used to wearing a suit, and dont want to be unhappy in 12 months with something I purchase now if I buy bespoke or MTM. Off My Rack: Edited. I should have known to keep my size and measurements out of the OP. unclesam099: Very helpful post. I will check out the book. Question: So in general, a 29" is a S, a 30-31 is a R, and a 32+ is a L? However, this general measurement...
I am not really too concerned with sleeve length.I am not asking about overall variations in makes, sizes, or fit. I am asking particularly about jacket length. Nor am I asking SF to help size me. Hope this doesnt come off as cold or rude, but you didnt help me with my query at all.
New Posts  All Forums: