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I am asking in general, not about the OP's shoes specifically.
Bumping this age old thread to get an answer to this question. ^However, it does seem like most of the Tramezza line has goodyear welted soles. I am asking in regards to the Mainline/Original and Lavorazione Originale line of shoes.
Yeah, I was scared someone would say that was some sort of rule. Standard black cap toes annoy me though. So plain. And since I am stuck up, I wont want to wear cheap shoes the 1 time every 2 years I wear a tux.
I see you bro's like debating inconsequential stuff. I am going to buy a new pair of black shoes... more of a staple shoe I can wear with suits, tux's (even though I never have to wear them), and occasionally to the office... maybe one or two times a month. I dont really want your standard cap toe, I'd like something that stands out a little classier. No EG here, im not really ballin out that hard like this nigga NORE over here. That being said, some C&J's like this...
Best for sale thread. Ever.
Bumping this because I am curious if anyone stays up on Marks and Spencer. Looks like they switched their lines up since this thread. There is no longer a "Signature" line. I assume that is now their "Savile Row Inspired" line, which they claim is half canvas? I assume everything else is fused? Looks like their "satorial" line is still designed by Timothy Everest while their "Savile Row Inspired" is designed by Richard James. Gotta be honest guys, for 20% more than...
Looks like OP did not leave the seller negative feedback. He has a feedback rating of over 4300 with no negatives! He has a lot of suits, however every single 38, 40, 42 etc has the same exact measurements from what I saw. I am curious if all his suits are fakes or if, out of those 4300+ suits he has sold, OP is the only one to figure it out??!?!? I dont think I will be taking the chance to find out, although they all sell for less than 300 bucks. Interesting...
Fairly fit, but its not like I am a starting PG in the NBA. I go to the gym, still play bball twice a week, etc. I certainly have a slimmer frame.
Off my Rack: See above. And is there any way you can stop taking this thread so seriously? Obviously I will have alterations done.
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