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Sure does. Was hoping for more opinions but no biggy.
Bump. Maybe I am missing it, but I see a lot of threads/talk on sizing of their mocs and boat shoes, but I cant find anything on boots. Do they true to size as per their website? Size down? Any consensus or opinions?
Its nicer than standard N&F, but they dont use the 15.7oz Zimbabwe denim. I had a pair I returned, as the front and rear rise *ARE NOT* the same as a N&F weird guy. The rear rise was a lot longer (ie: more than an inch), and the front rise was much shorter (ie: probably one inch). It didnt work for me.I am pretty sure I posted about it in this thread, and I might have listed actual measurements I took at the time. IIRC a 32, which I wear in N&F weird guys, was not...
I am new to the internetz, yo. I tried burnen mah denimz based on yo recommenditions, but now the are jorts. Any suggestions fo a nigga now? Im not really stylin in jorts yo, that shit is too hip for me. Thanks for providing no insight. I didnt know it was 1998 and lame one liners were funny on the internet. Step your trollin game up.
Spilled some gas on my jeans at the pump... I assume it was only a splash, I must have pulled the pump out too quickly and spilled some. Yeah yeah im an idiot, not happy about this, as I am usually pretty anal about making sure theres no extra gas in the line before I put the pump back, to prevent stupid situations such as this one. Anyway, I've only had this pair for 4 months or so, I hadn't washed them and dont wear them everyday, they dont even have much contrast at...
So guys, I need a 280. If anyone in the US is looking to buy these in a 285, let me know. I will have to buy a new pair from Zeemon but I'll work something out with you regarding my 285's. I have never worn these. Tried them on and mulled it over, and I wont be happy with this size. I will eat the shipping to you or something along those lines. Thx.
I just got mine from Zeemon. I havent worn them yet but 85 bucks is pretty cheap and they look fine to me. For those wondering about sizing (like I did) I took an outline of my foot and measured it, it was 280mm. I bought 285's and I wish I went with a 280. They slip in the heel and that is going to piss me off for sure. I wear 9UK/10US in shoes, but am a 11 in most US sneakers.
Any new photos of the condition? Also, what color tongues do they have?
Based on the sizing descriptions in this thread, I sound like I should go with a 280, even though I wear a 43 Euro in shoes. Any comments on this that could help me decide on a size?Arent those for sale on MMM's site for 225ish right now?
You are good. Well, right around 13.75, 1/4" shorter is fine. These are a solid 14.5 pre soak.
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