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Sorry this response is so late, I have been very busy with work and didnt have a chance to buy anything.Thank you!! Thats what i figured. Im a 43/10 in most AE's, I'm a 11 (occasionally a 11.5 but not usually) in Nike's, Seavees, etc. Im going to order a 10 and I'm pretty confident it will work well.I'm going to back a sneaker today. Again, I appreciate the post as it solidified what i was leaning towards.
Hey, I searched on google, didnt find anything I could trust 100%... is there a definitive consensus on the sneaker sizing? I found a reddit thread that said they ran 1.5 sizes large, but then I read more about .5-1? Even the posts above are somewhat wishy-washy. So again... any consensus? I can almost always trust SF on sizing advice.
Looking at your OTR suits. Any further details available? Also, can you list measurements for your longs? They arent on the website. Thanks! Edit: I see them now. Sorry for my confusion. Free bump....
Any of you guys need a resole yet? I've had my Krauses for, probably, a little more than 2 years now. I only wear them around town, no hiking or working in them, but I do wear them quite often. The right boot has a hole in the sole. I thought that was sorta quick to need a resole. Also, my local cobbler quoted me 165 for resoles with JR soles. Price seems high to me. Any opinions? Thanks.
Thats exactly what I expected. Thanks for the response.I've been researching online mtm a lot lately, and it seems like Proper Cloth or Luxire is the way to go... Proper Cloth if you value customer service, the guaranteed fit, and ease of selection. Luxire if value price point, fabric selection and ability to customize more. For my personality, Luxire fits the bill better... I just wish their website and description of fabric was better.
This thread is way too long to peruse through, so sorry for the question that I am sure has been asked before: In general, is it recommended to measure a well fitting shirt or go by body measurements when buying from Luxire for the first time? Im sure a common complaint is how hard it is to peruse fabrics on their site. However, it is even harder because they are all labeled differently. Any recommendations that can help me figure out what exactly the specs are of the...
My main take from this thread is 70% of W1k buyers have never owned a decent pair of dress shoes or boots.
Interesting... thanks guys!
Great, thanks for the response. I've never used Lexol... their normal conditioner I presume?You are incorrect, as was pointed out above.Well, I didnt think they were shell cordovan. I thought they were Dublin (I just transposed Essex with Dublin), which is vegetable tanned in a similar fashion to cordovan, although on a side hide (according to Horween). Hence why I thought I should care for them like a vegetable tanned cordovan, not a Chromexcel leather.I thought all...
Went to Horweens site, dont see any suggestion for what type of conditioner to use on the Essex leather on my Krause's. It seems to be a Shell Cordovan minus the shell, and side leather instead.... but I dont see anything recommending a conditioner for Shell Cordovan either. Any suggestions? Note: I am not going to Obenauf or Sno Seal these. I dont want to change the color, and they wont see very much inclement weather. This is what Alden recommends: ...
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