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I am planning to go to eastern europe this summer and Hungary as well. I'd like to visit a vass shop in Hungary and are there only one shop in Budapest? Also, do they sell casual shoes as well?? If anyone knows, please help me. Thankx!
Hello, I'm interested in purchasing a nice dolce blazer in size 38. Black or gray color would be fine. If anyone has one to sell, please pm me. Thankx!!!
Hi, I'd like to try a borrelli royal collection for the first time. I heard that its fabric was super. My neck size is 14.5 to 15 and my shirt size is small. Anyone who have a nice nwt borrelli royal collection shirt, please send me a pm or reply to this thread. Thanks!!!
Hello, I'm looking for a nice loro piana sweater size 48 or 50. Navy or black color would be fine. Give me a pm. Thanks!!!
Hi, everyone. I'm looking for a casual looking sport jacket from isaia, that would match really well especially with jeans. My size is 48 eu but I'll consider size 50 eu as well. If anyone got something for me, please reply to this thread. Thanks!!!
Hi, I am planning to go to UK in July. Are there anyone who have been to Savile Row, London?, the place full of suit tailor shops? I am planning to tailor a suit but not sure which shop to visit, since there are too many of them. I am in my 20s and would like to wear a suit that has a young and casual look. Also, Can I also purchase ready to wear casual clothes(such as shirts and jackets)there?? Finally, would it be fine to tailor a suit in summer?? I look forward to...
Hello, I have a Boglioli jacket and want to verify its authenticity. Are there anyone who can help me If I post the picture here? Thanks a lot!
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