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I don't have a problem with Gap. After you factor in the 40% off coupon that floats around every now and then, there are a few good items that are "good enough" given the discounted price.
Lacoste track jacket
I usually buy jeans and shoes that are "good enough," quality wise, for most people here, and then thrift most of the wardrobe essentials.
I just got a pair of Standards in 32x32 They're pretty tight in the top block, hopefully they'll stretch out a bit. Quality wise they're not bad considering I only paid $55 shipped for them. I think the denim feels a little bit lighter and cheaper than what they were using before the product line overhauled.
Apple Canon
Can someone tell me the difference between their straight and standard fits? Which has more room in the thigh?
I don't know if anyone can answer this, but what the hell... I bought a pair of straight fit ridged selvage jeans from gap back in 2007. I still have the tag, they're described as "slightly loose leg, straight leg opening". Has the straight fit cut changed in the past few years? They seem to be marketed as a slimmer fit now.
Measurements on the KMW, thanks
measurements for the APCs, thanks
...good thing I didn't buy them. I was pretty close to sending the money.
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