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Acid, Is it too early to laugh at you about this?
Nutcracker, Great report! Hope you enjoyed Kobe...I really ought to get myself over to their studio. I am in need of a new card case and those look excellent.
This is probably a good place to mention Acid's comment on my FB after I announced the upcoming arrival of my 4th child, " I'm glad that you have conquered erectile dysfunction! ".
Limited edition Yamazaki that has been finished in red wine casks. Mild (43% ABV) and sweet fruit notes...but rather good.
I just wanted to indicate to you that it wasn't a loaded question. I rather liked your turn of phrase and I was curious about it. I googled it and found Equine Therapy but I wasn't certain that was what you were referencing. But your comment about psychotherapists would indicate that horse therapy and equine therapy are the same. So, thank you for answering my question.
What is horse therapy? Serious question.
Thanks. Good tip!
Nice one, Kaplan.
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