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V...Sorry to, hear the news of your bowels. Hope you have worked everything, out.
Have a layover in Paris and want to make the most of it. Arrive at 11pm and depart around 9pm the next day. The question...best area for a hotel? Want to eat a late-night meal when I arrive and easy access for some sight-seeing the next day. Also, easy access to/from the airport would be good. Appreciate any insights!
Happy happy! One week until I quit this stupid company!
Finally got some film for an old Nikkormat FT that I bought for around $20.
I don't actually have that coat anymore but I found this old pic when I was wearing it. You can see the strip at the bottom is a slightly different colour...though it really wasn't noticeable when wearing it. I receommend getting the ateration done if the coat is too short.
Well this steez is a shell of, its former self. No new love for the Vaclava.
Go and buy some cheap crappy earrings and put them in the nice jewelry box and give to your wife. Give the real jewels to your mistress. Thank me later.
So...it looks like all of the links of the original pics are broken, and I can't seem to edit the original post, so I will re-post a few of the images that I could find. Bonus pic of a Connemara book cover:
It's still better than the Frozen songs that my 3 year olds keep fucking singing. NO, I DON'T WANT TO BUILD A FUCKING SNOWMAN...AND LET'S SEE HOW MUCH THE COLD DOESN'T BOTHER YOU WHEN I FILL THE BATHTUB WITH ICEWATER!
My doctor told me I shouldn't until after the rash clears up.
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