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I would go with an original briefcase in navy blue unless you really want to have some spare room or you prefer to have padding http://www.filson.com/luggage-bags/briefcases-computer-bags/original-briefcase-1.htmlI use the navy in a similar setting as yours and find it matches well from casual jeans up to semi-dressy. It isn't really the best match with a full suit and tie but with khakis and sportscoat it works well.
Wow! That's a great idea! I am going to try the same as I have an old faux-filson that I don't mind to deconstruct...would appreciate a better photo of the anchors, if possible.
Well, that explains it. Probably started when somebody changed the name of this thread.
I stepped away from this forum for the last year or so and on returning it feels...well, slow.
I would devour that cassoulet,even out of season. What was the wine pairing?
Indeed. I have been away...do we have to like things now? Do we get a prize if we are well liked?
V...Sorry to, hear the news of your bowels. Hope you have worked everything, out.
Where to get the best fucking Steak Frites?
Happy happy! One week until I quit this stupid company!
Finally got some film for an old Nikkormat FT that I bought for around $20.
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