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i've asked this question before but still haven't a clear answer: what do you use on the sole/edge of a cordovan shoe when the color of edge seems to be cordovan also?
Quote: Originally Posted by acecow I voted for you; but damn, did this guy seriously get the most votes so far?! forreal though. another vote from me!
quick shipping from seller amadar. thanks!!
oops. i thought 'natural' meant clear. oh, they use dark brown for the soles of #8 shell Aldens? it blends well with the cordovan so it doesn't seem like it's dark brown. thanks!
hello. how do you care for cordovans when the soles are also cordovan color, such as Alden shoes? would a 'natural' color edge/sole dressing work like from Allen Edmonds? i tried searching the forum but couldn't find anything. thanks in advance!
a couple of used Aldens i just picked up on eBay and B&S. comee onnnnnnn...
smooth transaction with seller sonlegoman.
Quote: Originally Posted by Nicola Wait you want it baggier? Are you buying the right size? If you're skinny there aren't too many brands you shouldn't be finding baggy. Maybe the fit does look right and I do the non-SF thing to do and bring the girlfriend when I shop because she's the one who said it looks like a dress. She usually has good taste in general though. Yes I'm making excuses .
Quote: Originally Posted by Makoto Chan I don't ever think overcoats look like dresses, as long as they open in the front, and don't trail on the floor...? Quote: Originally Posted by mic Any overcoat you buy will likely have too much material, making it baggy. Bring it to a tailor and tell them you want it to be more fitted. If you don't have a tailor, the salesperson should be able to recommend one. Ought to cost under...
any advice on getting a long coat/overcoat without it looking like a dress? i'm tall and skinny. thanks.
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