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2009: Burgundy bluchers from EG. Charcoal grey bespoke suit from Field's in DC.
Looks like the shirt is just hitting its stride.
In addition to browsing this forum, you might want to check out Will's blog 'A suitable wardrobe". Here are some of good posts on the topic of building a wardrobe: Good luck!
No trolley - I pack everything in a single carryon. For inspiration:
You might want to consider Logan Circle - its pretty central to Dupont, U st., Georgetown, Chinatown, etc.
There is a nice charcoal sharkskin (pick 'n pick) fabric from the Holland and Sherry "Snowy River" book. It should be around 10oz., good for most of the year.
Quote: Originally Posted by yachtie John Smedley- They have some "grandpa" and some "modern" +1 There is a code floating around for 20% off, too.
Quote: Originally Posted by Virginia Dandy Very nice. Is MH71 the sharp square or soft square last? I keep changing my mind depending on the photo angle with these. I believe its the soft square last. Which angle is most appealing to you?
Here are two additional photos to give you a sense for the toe shape and proportions:
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