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Try Field's Tailors in Georgetown.
Instead of Trufitt or Trumpers for a shave, I would recommend Taylor of Old Bond Street. I prefer their shaving products (esp. the Eton College scent), too. They are located on Jermyn St.
I've never been in to see George, but I've peered through the windows. To me, there was nothing that stood out but I didn't get a close inspection of his suits. FWIW, there is a great cigar shop next door (Draper's). Worth a visit if you are in the area.
black monkstraps light grey v-neck sweater dark jeans
Formal for daytime business wear. Not formal in the sense of black tie.
Curious to get opinions on what are considered the most formal types of shirting: pinpoint, broadcloth, end-on-end, twill, etc. Thinking about getting some solid white and light blue dress shirts made up. Suggestions?
Budapest is a great city to visit. The Vass shop is very small and somewhat hard to find, but worth a visit.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kuro Poole starts £2600 for a two-piece, so with the foreign currency fee on your credit card you are looking at about $3650. They come to NYC next month. That might include VAT. I was quoted £2200 ex VAT last year. Of course, the price may have changed since then.
Check out the Crockett & Jones Tetbury. Very nice.
Most people will be coming straight from work, thus just wear what you wore to work.
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