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I, too, have the Shorthauler in black. Well made and works well for an overnight trip, etc.
I just bought a James Smith umbrella last Friday as a gift to myself for many of the reasons mentioned. I went with a navy canopy on a solid stick of "congo" chestnut. the wood is beautiful and the length was fitted to my height. Very nice staff who boxed the umbrella so I could check it with BA. No damage upon arrival and also allowed me to reclaim most of the VAT. Well worth the trip to the shop.
If you are on a budget, it might be best to go for higher quality merino wool sweaters. I like the ones from John Smedley..they are not cheap, but excellent quality (the ones made in england, in my experience). Cheap cashmere is rarely a good deal - and I think one needs to budget at least $300 for quality.
There is a place in Silver Spring which does a great job too. They hand press the runs around $25 per: Prestige Exceptional Fabricare 9420 Georgia Avenue Silver Spring, MD 20910 1-301-588-0333
Check out Will's blog: and search for building a wardrobe...there are a few entries that answer your question directly. Specifically:
My condolences Carl. ed hardy shop just opened in georgetown....
I like the Air Boss from Red Oxx. Its very well built and fits everything for a week on the road. Never check luggage.
I like J Lindeberg golf shirts or any others that are slim fit. I tend to favor cotton as I find the synthetics not very breathable. I would have a slight preference for Made in Italy over China/HK/ etc.
J. Press is worth a look (19th + L st.). Also Sky Valet, Everard's Clothings, and Field's Tailors (some nice ties + cuff links in addition to the full tailoring menu) on Wisconsin Ave just above Georgetown. If you are in the neighborhood or Georges De Paris or Wm Fox, stop by Draper's Tobacco.
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