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metal toe taps?
maybe ben silver?
A black monkstrap works for me...from suits to jeans.
smythsons of bond street is worth a look.
burgundy would be nice
imo, the 606 makes a nice last for bluchers. i have the holborn on 606 and its one of my favorites.
I have the Shorthauler in black. I like it a lot. Expensive though....
Try the RedOxx Sky Boss. Great bag - but can get a bit heavy.
I expect to have a suit made by Field later this year (once my fitness level gets up a bit).
i have the red oxx and fully recommend it. it does get a bit heavy at times. i, too, travel a fair amount and use the carry on only methodology. many times i am in a different country everyday (in europe, at least) so that means many trips to the airport. i think the key for me is having versatile items. plain suits, solid ties, black shoes, and various striped shirts.
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