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Quote: Originally Posted by yjeezle I haven't tried veritas or kaplan, but I think that the absolute BEST in terms of class material and learning style is Manhattan GMAT. Knewton is also pretty decent but their adaptive test style is very chaotic. EDIT: what are some schools that are considered "targets" for consulting outside of the top 10? I think this question has been asked before so, specifically: does anyone know if UT is considered a...
it feels like a bubble because its a commodity and the price has doubled in 6 months. also, a lot of strange weather has effecting many commodities -- ook at what has happened in australia.
Quote: Originally Posted by scientific given the number of hf that dabble in pe/vc and the number of pe that dabble in hf, its a pretty arbitrary decision the skill set is basically the same and not that difficult to acquire. the pedigree is the difficult thing i agree that recruiters would frown upon it but thats because recruiters are dipshits recruiters are essentially filters. the hiring decisions are made by partners, directors,...
the jobs might be similar, or at least blurred as you suggest. i still think its a kiss of death in the recruiting process. i work in inv mgmt and have interview ed people who think working for a HF is an option if they can't get a job in PE. oh and they have no finance experience, just a few years working as an engineer or consultant. uphill battle for sure.
When you are thinking about applying to b-school, treat it as an opportunity to market yourself. In essence, “you” are the “product” and the admissions team are the “buyers”. If you don’t have a great GPA, then shore up the other aspects that you can control now: work experience, essays, etc. Promote your strengths. Simple rules for success: 1.\tWhatever you do for a job, strive to ‘excel’ and quantify it! (youngest X at firm Y, promoted X times in Y years, etc.)....
Last year I bought a solid stick umbrella from James Smith in London. I had them box it up as it needed to be checked. Fortunately, it wasn't stolen.
I go to Quintessential Gentlemen at the corner of Calvert and Lombard. Worth a look:
old tee-shirts and basic mesh shorts or sweatpants.
bespoke may get the most airtime, but this forum might be the only comfortable place for people to learn about the various aspects of bespoke clothing short of meeting directly with bespoke tailors. i figure all the discussion has saved more than a few people time and money. also, i think to a certain extent people want what they can't have (e.g. everything bespoke).
i use this for up a two weeks...RedOxx Airboss in black. Took the patches off.
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