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Personally I would go with the lighter grey single breasted suit. Maybe in a summer weight? Aslo, what about a dark blue (non-navy) single breasted suit?
I just commissioned my first bespoke with WW Chan yesterday. I had a decent idea of what I wanted to achieve (pictures, etc.) and wore a good reference suit. I ended up not sweating all of the details ... we'll see how it turns out in September.
+1I, too, have this bag. It is great and I often use it as an overnighter for business trips (eg. its my briefcase and suitcase).
congrats on your progress. i don't think you shoe size will change much, so if there is a good reason to pay for quality shoes now, that is it. in terms of clothes, take stock of what you need ... business vs. casual, etc. If you need suits for work, maybe get one plain blue or grey and wear it to threads as it won't fit in a few months time. For shirts and pants, keep it simple. Maybe a handful of dress dress (3-4) and 2 pair of trousers. Again make sure any one item...
Anyone know which Lessers books they have with them on this tour?
Here are some quotes from Chan for a 2pc suit: JJ Minnis Savile Row Collection US$1,726 Holland and Sherry Snowy River US$1,769 Harrisons Premier Cru US$1,769 Harrisons Frontier US$1,513 Smith Woolens Blue Riband US$1,791 I have an appt tomorrow afternoon in DC, as well.
Quote: Originally Posted by taxgenius Make sure to add some $ for shipping costs if you are going to request a basted fitting. Thanks. I was planning on being in HK for a week in the fall, so was hoping to get a few fittings done there to expedite the process. btw, how much does shipping run? $75 or so?
I have an appointment in DC on Friday. Hoping they have some Lessers on hand. They don't have Smith's Blue Riband with them on this tour. I was quoted $1500 for a 2pc. in Harrisons Frontier cloth.
you might want to try Lost Boys in Georgetown. Not sure if they carry those brands....
Quote: Originally Posted by jhcam8 Not to mention these: nice. my dad was in the 8th SF group. although his beret did not have a camo liner....
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