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This would be a good start: ..then this: Adjust to your budget accordingly.
Black punched captoe oxford Burgundy loafer Brown suede chukka boot
Check with Carl at CEGO...he might be able to turn around a shirt on short notice with better fit and quality than what you might find at Saks.
I have a James Smith umbrella that I picked up in their London shop about 2 years ago. It is fantastic - navy canopy and solid stick construction. The wood type escapes me. Very sturdy.
Mostly Drakes and a few Hermes and Cappellis. Almost all are woven.
I've used them twice to clean ties. Both times they did an excellent job and looked new. The key is they don't press the tie like your typical dry cleaner and thus it retains its original shape.
If its an outside, daytime wedding (or more casual), I think it could work. However, I would do a blue gingham with navy knit.
+1pony up for a good quality pair.
I ordered a pretty standard conservative two-piece, two-button, notch lapel suit made up in Harrisons Premier Cru #51410. I will be in HK in Sept for two fittings. Looking forward to it. I looked at the Minnis books for the frescos and they were pretty rough in my opinion. I think I will go with something from Harrisons Frontier for a navy hopsack blazer.
+1Nick at Bespoke England is great.
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