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i'm in for drinks at least
Jan - I just saw Chan in DC this morning. The price of Harrison's Frontier was $1539, and last fall it was $1520 or so. I would expect a minor increase in price. I did not see Oyster book but wasn't really looking to be honest. I ordered a navy blazer made up from Smith's Finmeresco for $1235.
Poul Henningsen's Artichoke Lamp
i think it depends on how formal you expect to be on a daily basis. if you expect to err on the formal side, then the plain charcoal and grey stripe would be better. if you can get away with a bit less formality, then the POW would work. in either case, the plain charcoal is a must.
Must have just missed you. You'll be in good hands with Patrick. I ordered a suit back in July and did 2x fittings in HK in Sept. No adjustments need for my 2nd suit -- a dark grey solid from Harrisons Frontier book. Same prices as the July 2011 tour. Also ordered a light blue shirt....
i have one of the $85 regimentals...great color scheme but couldn't get the tie to hold a dimple like most of my other ties. I'll stick with Drakes, et cetera.
Good point. If they had the fabric in stock, my guess is that you could easily do at least one fitting, maybe two if the stars aligned and they weren't too busy. They were able to do my fittings 48 hrs apart, but that seemed like the minimum amount of time needed on their end. Even if you can get a first fitting done it would be worth it (assuming you can do a 2nd fitting on tour)
You should be able to get 2 fittings in with Chan if you let them know in advance. I ordered a navy suit on tour in July and let them know I would be in HK for a week in mid-Sept. I had a basted fitting on Monday and a forward fitting on Wednesday. I had to leave on Thursday, otherwise the suit would have been ready on Friday morning. This is my first suit with Chan, so if you are comfortable with your pattern then maybe you can do one less fitting.
I would avoid them...I've purchased a few NM cashmere sweaters in the past for ~ $150 and they all started to pill within a few weeks. Save your $ for something from Scotland.
Go see Will Field at Fields Custom Tailors on Wisconsin Ave up the hill a bit from Georgetown. Excellent work but pricey.
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