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My first commission from Chan - a dark blue, single breasted suit. Nothing fancy in terms of details, just "simple elegance." I think its part fit, part shade of dark blue which looks great versus the standard dark navy blue suits you see everywhere. The fabric is from Harrison's Premier Cru book. Forgot the #....
This is great advice - I've taken this approach over the past year. Warren Buffett said something to the effect of "Imagine how good an investor you would become if you could only make 10 investments over a lifetime." I think the same mantra can be applied to dressing (obviously not limiting oneself to only 10 garments), it would help most people really focus and do more with less.
I have my workhorse dark grey suit made up from the Frontier book, done by Chan. I am very happy with the durability so far, about 2 years in. I tend to wear it for travel and multiple days at a time. It does a great job. If i had to change one thing, I would prefer slightly more texture to it like a sharskin, rather than more of a simple twill. The price was reasonable too - I think it circa $1500.
I agree...I ordered a Smith's Finnmersco in dark blue with patch pockets, dark purple lining, and smoked MOP buttons over the summer. I keep it in my office at work for impromtu meetings. I forget the exact cloth #, but its 11oz and drapes perfectly.I recommend Smith's.
I don't know too much about the brand other than its has a very military feel to it. If you are in DC, check out Lost Boys in Georgetown. Kelly, the owner, carries Relwen and can give you the background info (she told me a few years ago but I've forgotten the details).... good luck
I think a medium brown Donegal would work well here. Semi solid appearance with some texture.
Seems like you have a lot of sports coats already. Maybe look at the one you wear the most and have Chan make it in a higher quality fabric? I commissioned a navy finmeresco blazer with patch pockets (actually just got it today!) to replace an older basic navy blazer. My strategy is to upgrade and replace what I already wear a lot instead of building out my wardrobe. Alternatively, maybe think about a nice topcoat instead of another sport coat? One that could be worn...
If most of your pants are cotton khakis, then a pair of grey wool trousers woul serve you well. Do you have to wear a suit daily?
If you don't have a basic solid suit in navy or grey, now you be a good time to pick one up: - navy suit with extra grey pants. Wear jacket like a blazer. Two days covered. - grey suit with extra pants. Can wear twice a week. Either option gives you max flexibility. Figure $300 for a suit, $100 for trousers, $100 for alterations. I think English American start at $600 or so for a suit. Suit supply might be an option.
Ballpark for VBC is about $1150-1200. I spent another $300 and went with Harrisons Frontier which is a nice, durable workhorse cloth.
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