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The Belfast Bureau tend to carry some XXL EG items.
I have it in olive. I love it, the coated cotton gives it a nice shimmer and make its pretty water resistant. Got 25% off too at Kafka.
Thanks, will keep a look out for it. I'm ordering the trail parka today, it looks incredible.
Does anyone know where I can pick this shirt up?
Woolrich Woolen Mills Shiprock Parka. Bought it earlier this year, from Oi Polloi of Manchester, tried it on and it's just stayed in my wardrobe. Pit to Pit measurement is approx 24.5". Will ship world wide but buyer must pay for signed for international delivery. Thanks for looking.
What is the best US site to pick up the WWM Trail Parka (Gold) in XXL? (It's small fitting, I'm not massive ) Had a great win at the bookies tonight so am treating myself
Quote: Originally Posted by sexonfabric or the dark navy...usa? still looking mate, coggles and end are ridiculously priced on this.
Does anyone know how the XL WWM Shiprock will measure up? Is WWM XL generally true to size? End haven't got the measurements on their site. If I'm ordering from the US to UK I don't want to be worrying if it'll fit me.
Quote: Originally Posted by sexonfabric Shiprock Parka looks amazing...also looking a USA retailer as it is mega expensive on End... http://store.shopwharf.com/item/ship...ue-extra-large I need the ink version though
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