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Has anyone had any issues with this seasons field parka? A friend text me this morning saying he had found a problem with the stitching in one of his pockets so I checked mine when I got home and it's the same. Look at this, I'm really pissed off. It's as if they've not used enough corduroy for the pocket, so when I've worn the jacket (which I have done only twice) there's no give in it so the stitching has gone to pot. I'm not sure this is easily fixable. Plus with my...
Any photos of the new Coveralls yet? I'm itching for them!
Does anyone have a spare EG FW lookbook they could send me? Happy to pay shipping.
@Drinkwaters - Hi, have you got details of this years Coverall jackets? Ideally colours, fabrics and prices? Thanks.
I'm looking for this in XL, has anyone seen one anywhere? Kafka refunded my order as someone bought it in store before they had chance to pick my order - so frustrating! http://workingtitleshop.com/engineered-garments/engineered-garments-miner-shirt-indigo-denim-shirting
If anyone is selling one of these please let me know.
The Belfast Bureau tend to carry some XXL EG items.
I have it in olive. I love it, the coated cotton gives it a nice shimmer and make its pretty water resistant. Got 25% off too at Kafka.
Thanks, will keep a look out for it. I'm ordering the trail parka today, it looks incredible.
Does anyone know where I can pick this shirt up?
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