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I got the olive one yesterday.
£258? Daiki is having our pants down.
Field Parka arrived yesterday.
Does anyone know what colours the Coveralls are coming in? I've only seen the navy.
Does anyone know the RRP of the navy field parka in the States?
Hey Ryan - yes they did and I did pretty well out of it, but after further issues with the SS15 Explorer I've been put off EG ever so slightly. £683 is insane.
£683 for the Field Parka, has Daiki lost his mind?! The stitching of cord pocket lining of my AW14 Field Parka came away very easily last year, there's no way on this earth that they can justify that price.
I'm XL in most EG so stuck to my normal size, I didn't find the End size chart very helpful. They said 22" pit to pit.
Picked up the navy Explorer jacket from End today, a great cut and the fabric works really well. Will live in it in the summer and will be able to layer when it's colder. Also picked up the yellow light parka but I am returning it due to issues with the press studs - they don't hold as they should.
Has anyone had any issues with this seasons field parka? A friend text me this morning saying he had found a problem with the stitching in one of his pockets so I checked mine when I got home and it's the same. Look at this, I'm really pissed off. It's as if they've not used enough corduroy for the pocket, so when I've worn the jacket (which I have done only twice) there's no give in it so the stitching has gone to pot. I'm not sure this is easily fixable. Plus with my...
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