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I think it's a Noble.
Gently worn Gucci cap toe boots marked a UK 9.5 D (equivalent to US 10.5). I have wide feet and these fit well. When purchased they were a mid-brown with bulling on the caps. I slowly worked them into a purplish cordovan color and they have a great patina. They are topied and have little heal wear. There is a small quarter inch scrape on the outer side of the left shoe (pictured below). Always stored with cedar shoe trees. Asking $100 plus $20 in shipping inside North...
Thanks guys, greatly appreciated.
My business is doing well and I mentioned to my accountant that I've been thinking about getting a toy to replace my '01 VR6 Jetta GLX. It's a great car but does not have the fun factor of the e30 BMW's I used to have. He suggested I look into leasing a vehicle as I can write a good deal of the monthly payment off. I've never considered leasing before. Mainly because of my aversion to debt and that I used to work for non-profits, so owning an expensive car was never an...
God that footage is amazing. The Senna doc is a little long, but quite good.
Vintage Hudson's Bay Blanket. Something like this -
Those cup rims aren't period correct, but suit the car. I think they came on later 944's and 911's (don't quote me on that). However, I would get silver versions as mentioned or get some BBS RS's. I've always like the styling of the 928. A friend of mine had an early 90's one back in the day and it was awesome.
Wow, I thought the complete opposite. Very taught and well told story. I always think of Clooney's style is to set up a tableau and let you notice things. I thought this accomplished that well. I'm curious about your comment about cinematography as I thought it was quite good, everything was there for a reason. What movies have you loved the cinematography in?
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