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Posts by electricol thats where I saw them...... if it matters. telling from the replies I am pretty sure the answer is clear haha
boo. well. does anyone know if there are ankle boots made that come in a size 5.5 or 6? something a bit more casual then dressy? Even those these are womens boots, do you think a guy could pull the shoes off with the right clothes?
check out cheap mondays, theyre unisex like april 77. has Cobrasnake x RVCA.....
Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug To clear things up. My size small cowl neck french terry pullover measures 19" pit to pit pretty much exactly. how does that make sense then... how is the XS pit to pit 19.5" and the S only 19"... weird............................
maybe it was a mistake.... (hopefully!!) someone else call again !!! and confirm the XS measurements! please and thank you.
haha my bad. i actually was talking about the button hoodie. it was cultpop not poly. sorry...
Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug Shit. That's really big for a xtra small. The small in the pullover fits me perfectly but this is cut a lot fuller. I'm trying to gather up some change to by another piece or two. Yeah !! it is! I thought that it would be a bit more slim fitting (btw, im talking about the hoody that poly is wearing). I was hoping that the XS would fit smaller .... is your small larger than 19.5" in pit to pit?
Hey all, Just wanted to get your opinion on this montreal based brand, Complex Geometries ( I was intrigued by this top and don't know if it is a good idea or not, or this one you can't really see any of the detailing, but the some of the stuff is pretty crazy. What do you all think?
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