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Fish scale??
Damn, it's like my skin is peeling off!
Yes indeed, the Epsom are awesome. They are my favourites of the three boots. The tie is from CT. Thanks for the compliment!
I am waiting for a specific occasion to rock them. Thanks for the compliment!
I am humbled. Thanks!
Thanks bro!
Thanks bro! Sure the perforated pattern stands out on the grey loafers. Infact, they are grey in colour not white. Probably, the poor picture quality distorted the real colour image.
Love this outfit. Quite unique as opposed to what we are use to on this forum! Kudos sir and we hope to see more of the danchikis!
I thought a PS will be a little too much for the occasion considering that a tie is already an accessory and also this one has too many loud patterns. I have exactly the same PS as the tie but think it will be fit when I don't have the tie on.
Much appreciated. Thanks!
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