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Simply awesome Stanley
Hi everyone,Hope all of you are keeping well. Permit me to hijack the ongoing discussion for few minutes. I have been away for some time now just to focus a little more on my Masters Degree (LLM in Financial Services) which was really daunting and challenging coupled with work and family life. As a result, I have not been following some of your posts and I do apologise for missing out on your beautiful outfits. That in mind, I have returned fully to join the band wagon of...
without tie
Hey EFV,I have not seen your post in a while. You really look good in your outfit
Not sure I would have settled for the bold navy PS. The tie is already pronounced with a dominant navy blue. In my view, a subtle paisley with an element of orange would have distinguished the overall presentation. In the existing circumstances, the outfit looks somewhat excessively colour coordinated. Otherwise, the look is decent
SYCSYC,What a beautiful combination
Lovely outfit and nice tie knot
AAS,Love this look & pose
Cleav,This outfit is astonishingly beautiful.
This is beautiful Andy57
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