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Sir,Any better explanation for this smiley???? For those thumbing him up, any explanation for that as well or is it just curious minds?
This is it. I bought the Nikon D7100 with a kit lens 18 - 105 mm. I was pretty disappointed with the photos I was getting with my kit lens. Still noticed the lens does not pick up the slightest detail of my outfit. I visited plenty of photography sites to get an idea of which size lens I should get and the 50mm seemed to be the one I wanted for the type of photos I wanted to take. I had to purchase an alternative lens the 'Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8G Lens'.Kaboum, does...
The DB suit is from Pal Zileri and the cloth is wool 100. Enclosed is a close up picture for other codes that may help.
Thanks for the support John Lobb. The one on the far right of the photo.
Thanks This statement exactly I was expecting. As for me, I don't see any element of flash at all. I'm just me. Maybe, when I pose next to my Bentley GT Speed for a photo shoot, that according to SF would be considered the highest degree of flash. I limit it to formal wear display on SF. That's all.
I can't emphasise enough how R. Kiyosaki has inspired me. This is the 10th read of this book. Finished every book on the Rich dad series.As for the conspicuous display of the eyewear brand, doing that in solidarity for our fallen African heroes LOL. Still wondering why that idi.. S.S mobutu sold his brother (iconic P. Lumumba) to the Belges & the U.S. Betrayal at its height.
Off to a country where there is summer. The UK weather is at its top turvy best at the moment hence the suit at this period of the year. Oh well..... enjoy your weekend guys. [[SPOILER]]
9ice one Don
Nice fit but the PS is completely off. In my view, too dull for that dope jacket. A neutral or subtle paisley colour coordinated PS with gold-ish effect (from what I foresee from the check patterns) would have enhanced the overall look. For once, still think it hard to pull off that type of jacket with a PS...
Lovely tie.
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