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I do like this fit and thumbed it but curiosity has pushed me to enquire why no one has picked on the excessive pulling on the buttons? Just wondering because if I wore a similar jacket on here, the first criticism would be 'too tight', 'button is about to pop', excessive pulling' and the likes. Honestly, I would like to know if there is more to it or just a preference for certain people on here......
Looks linen to me. Like it
Just got a revelation that I can fly. This is from last weekend [[SPOILER]]
Intimidate the camera and nervosity will be history
I don't think a piece of accoutrement like cuffs has anything to do with the embodiment of one's physiognomy i.e. appearing shorter, taller than one actually looks. The consensus on SF borders on the display of the entire outfit, coordination and fit for purpose (size/length of jacket/trousers, tight or not tight, angle from which certain photo shots are captured). In my view, accessories (cuffs, watches, bracelets, rings, scarves, socks etc) add somewhat value to what...
This awesome outfit is deserving of more thumbs than it has in almost about 6 hrs of post. The combo, a definite yes.
Nice attempt so far but for subsequent posts, a closer range shots will lend you more reputation. 9ice overall outfit
Something about this gentleman's physical attribute and dress sense remind me of the 80's fashion style more so for the bootcut trousers, LOL. I think I like it
I have always wanted one of these for quality photos. This is just one exceptional piece of gadget, simply fantastic. Review of Nikon D7100 Photos: Excellent Video: Good Personal Rating: 89.5 /100 I wanted to share a photo of the picture quality. Disregard the tight jacket, LOL.
Added this to the collection
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