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Is that Drake tie? Love it
Love that painting in the background.
Sir, we are slowly getting there. Firstly, with the jacket fit and secondly the issue of spoiler. All shall be resolved;)
Like the tie knot
Thanks. I am moving swiftly towards that purpose
You sir always get my attention on your choice of tie and PS. Well done
This is today's outfit. I had a mixed feeling of whether to go with the green tie or blue but in the end, I went for the blue. Nevertheless, I took some shots of both ties with different pocket squares. I would like to know which combo you guys prefer. I took some close range pictures, also from different angles so that you can assess the fit of the jacket. Personally, that jacket looks big on me but I am happy to read your views. Thanks [[SPOILER]]
I looked online and I must confess that I did like the design they are putting out. I am curious to know what the fit will be like on me but that will only be ascertained when I visit their store and try a couple. I saw that they have two stores in London.
Thanks to y'all for your support, encouragement, word of advice and recommendations for pointed collars, though I do have quite a few in my collection. I felt something was missing from certain neck range shots (collar looking rather too small for the lapels) but I can say it is barely noticeable in live. Ok, that leaves me to conclude that the rule of thumb on SF is for the collar shirt to sit under the lapels. As for the jacket size, I have gone two sizes up and from...
New Posts  All Forums: