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Ok, the shoes are 'Crockett & Jones' and the peacoat is 'Pal Zileri Lab'. Regards !
Recent purchases. Socks - Gant DB Blazer - Gieves & Hawkes (100% Cashmere) Regards
A little casual today. Still trying to improve. Feel free to pinpoint anything on my outfit that needs improvement. Regards
Thank you sir. Advice taken on board!
Thanks sir for the compliment. The boot is a special order from 'Edward Green'. You can follow my boots collection in this link. Regards! Edward Green Boots Ordered
Ok, recent pictures with the family!
Thanks. I am indeed having a good sunday. Hope you are enjoying yours as well. Regards!
Thank you sir. I have taken note of the remark and I will try to improve in my next display.
Thanks! Mostly appreciated.
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