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I have not posted on this forum in a while. This is my own contribution. Although, I don't know what the photo limit is on this forum. Sorry for the copious pictures. I took different poses as each pose will help bring out the best of my outfit. Feel free to pinpoint anything in the photo that needs amendment.
I haven't posted here in a while so here are my recent purchases. Hope to bring more your way. Thanks in advance for taking your time to view! Regards!
Thanks for the compliment and sorry for the late reply! The combination for the shannon II you requested is: "Nightshade body, Navy calf facing with Navy suede around the ankle". Hope that helps!
Thanks for the compliment!
LOL @ the unworn. They have just arrived and I am waiting for the right occasion to rock them. Certainly this summer! Thanks for the compliment.
Ok, my last Shannon II boots turned up early this afternoon and I was eager to take few pictures to post. The three EG boots are all united together now.
My reverence sir, for these kiss-ass tassel loafers.
Might be awful but they are pretty much in high demand and I am loving them. LV products all day!
Fish scale??
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