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I can't emphasise enough how R. Kiyosaki has inspired me. This is the 10th read of this book. Finished every book on the Rich dad series.As for the conspicuous display of the eyewear brand, doing that in solidarity for our fallen African heroes LOL. Still wondering why that idi.. S.S mobutu sold his brother (iconic P. Lumumba) to the Belges & the U.S. Betrayal at its height.
Off to a country where there is summer. The UK weather is at its top turvy best at the moment hence the suit at this period of the year. Oh well..... enjoy your weekend guys. [[SPOILER]]
9ice one Don
Nice fit but the PS is completely off. In my view, too dull for that dope jacket. A neutral or subtle paisley colour coordinated PS with gold-ish effect (from what I foresee from the check patterns) would have enhanced the overall look. For once, still think it hard to pull off that type of jacket with a PS...
Lovely tie.
So true. I had wanted to comment on how much I love those shoes and you chanced me to it. My father has had exactly the same and still have them from the early 90's till date. They wear very well especially for those areas where there are different polish shades. Can't have enough of the creases though
Thanks for the information. Never heard about Kamakura shirt makers. It seems their shops are spread across every town of Japan and the US only. Not even one in Europe except for their online store. Have you tried their shirts before? If yes, can you comment on the quality of the make, fabric, durability etc? I would like to know if their shirts have stood the test of time before I take the plunge. Lastly, do you know how long it takes to ship to Europe? I think their...
I see how this button down collar shirt with a tie works a treat for you. Have loads of them for casual look not just formal enough for me to wear with a tie. The button down collar shirt was the norm back in the 80s and early 90s for most gents to wear with a tie and looked the part. Over time, I suppose it fell out of fashion and its use replaced by spread out collars. I'm beginning to find them very attractive again and guess I have to push myself out of my comfort zone...
Have always liked your choice of ties. That shirt collar is dope
ThanksI know exactly what you mean. I wanted to go with darker shoes but my wife advised the contrary as she does the picking every morning... LOLThe tie as you rightly pointed has a wide dimension but I don't know the exact width. I bought it from Harvie & Hudson London. Hope this helps
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