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Love that suit
Sir, I admire your courage a lot. That said, nice view. Keep postin'
Hi DerekS,Thanks for the compliment. In response to your demand, find enclosed few pictures slightly looking to the left, though it may not help enough to assess the entire fit. I didn't shoot as much photos today but I will try next time to have few few close up ones featuring different angles right, left, back, forward, etc. Just wish members will bear with me for the copious photos.Regards
Is the provenance of this knitted tie by any chance Gieves & Hawkes?
I have come a long way, I must confess. I appreciate men who take time to put up beautiful clothes here. Putting one or two things together to achieve an end result is not as easy as it may appear to the ordinary eye. It demands a lot of creativity on one's part. I have been inspired by so many gorgeous outfits here. Kudos guys. keep it rollin'. This is today's outfit. Though, far from perfect fit as is the consensus of SF, I am slowly getting there at my pace and I rely...
Mate, you always have it on point. Keep it coming
As usual, always killing fashion. Love your style mate
Decent. Love the creases on the shoes
Keep living the dream. Love that jacket
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