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It's a shame that certain laws in the US are so stringent. To take a child off his parents because he/she is wearing an outfit that is considered by many to be eccentric is simply excessive. That said, I believe certain laws are put in place to achieve specific positive outcomes for the common good of the society as a whole. This is what parliament tell us and subsequently go on to promulgate laws to suit their unerring views. People see government proposals from different...
School requiring one of my boys to disguise in anything. He loves cowboys and therefore decided on the outfit. The cowboy wanted a ride to school this morning on a pony.
Naming ceremony invitation. [[SPOILER]]
My boys chilling over the weekend.
Very nice ! Is that tie drakes?
Nice choice of outfit but I think that a PS with vibrant colours would have complimented the look further more.
I convey my deep reverence for this coordination. Well done sir !
Seems like you borrowed Kulata's background for the pose ! BTW, nice outfit !
Today's outfit. Oh well late upload ! [[SPOILER]]
Chairman, I hail.
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