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Boss, thanks for the compliment. I'm trying to be like you when I grow up
Sir,Let me elaborate a little further. It doesn't matter if we have met before. I believe it is a question of approach. You don't just condemn an entire outfit simply because a gentleman is wearing a short jacket. I believe the ensemble is nice and the slight issue of short jacket is only a minute detail that in my subjective opinion can be overlooked and as a result less emphasis should be attributed to it. The overall coordination is good and the ancillary issue in...
Today's outfit. I would be in Geneva, Switzerland on monday for a conference meeting. Anyone from Geneva fancy a catchup? You could inbox me.
Sir,This is slightly harsh a comment. There is a way to convey an objective message without it coming across as spiteful.
This is beautiful
Sir, you should meet my dad. You two would click at first sight
Decent Mr. Andy
Love this combo. That tie
AC, love the jacket
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