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Hahaha, fair enough, I will spoiler it when my Vertu arrives
Today's outfit to wrap up the week. Still waiting in line to become a proper sapeur. Happy weekend guys Spot my GMT time [[SPOILER]]
Damn, are those Cigars, sausages, carrots or summer gloves? Not visible enough for me to make an assumption. Someone, please point me in the right direction.
Yes sir
My apologies Mr. Academic2. On a second note, I think I actually like your pseudo name because it lectures me and others in similar situation how to use a spoiler properly
I like your look, sir
I like the look but think there is excessive coordination of colour (PS & shirt). A paisley PS with some shade of sky blue, green, pink, navy blue and the likes would have moved this good look to a stellar one. Just my opinion albeit others may have a different view to this fit.
Thanks Sugarbutch for this vital assessment. Your analysis was quite deep
Today's outfit. [[SPOILER]]
New Posts  All Forums: