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Recent Purchases [[SPOILER]]
Went shopping today in a relaxed state. [[SPOILER]]
I will post in the appropriate section. Find enclosed few pictures in different angles as requested. Regards !Thanks !
Thanks for the compliment. They are EG. Hope that helps !
Thanks !
Well, what does it look like I drive in that picture? Take me for what you see me.
I have not posted here in a while. My contribution:
Nice jacket ! I have got the same jacket except that mine has got a brown elbow patch. As usual with all Hackett sport jackets.
Still to improve! [[SPOILER]]
It's quite possible that this particular model has been discontinued because I bought those 8 years ago in France. At the time, their boutique was called Mansfield and they didn't even have an online website. They have got really interesting models from what I have seen so far on their online collection.
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