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Taking the boys to Disneyland, PARIS. Brandon & Cameron have worked hard during the academic term each coming top of his class. For this reason, they deserve a treat.
A shopping spree for the little boys. They have worked hard during the academic term. Each coming top of his class. As a result, I decided to spoil them a lil' bit.
Just magnificent
Today's outfit to wrap up the week. Wish you all a pleasant weekend [[SPOILER]]
This outfit seems to work well even without a PS.
Hi,A close range shot will do more justice to your outfit than it looks from that angle. That said, a grey tie is a good combination with a black suit. All the best with the packing
Boss, thanks for the compliment. I'm trying to be like you when I grow up
Sir,Let me elaborate a little further. It doesn't matter if we have met before. I believe it is a question of approach. You don't just condemn an entire outfit simply because a gentleman is wearing a short jacket. I believe the ensemble is nice and the slight issue of short jacket is only a minute detail that in my subjective opinion can be overlooked and as a result less emphasis should be attributed to it. The overall coordination is good and the ancillary issue in...
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