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My discovery of ROME continues…. [[SPOILER]]
Thanks for your comment but I am forced to disagree with you on this one. I don't know if you based your assumption on my previous fits. As for this particular suit, I went two sizes up from a regular 48 to a size 50 (38-40 UK). If you look at the arms and chest of my suit jacket, you will notice how relaxed the jacket is and the buttons are not pulling as opposed to my precedent suit jackets. On previous occasions, people on this forum have called my attention to the snug...
La mia casa vacanze - My holiday home La mia visita a San Pietro - My visit to Saint Peters, ROMA.Italian hospitality [[SPOILER]]
A day in Via Del Tritone, Vittorio Emmanuele, ROME. Picked up a CANALI shirt from this store: Michael F. Store owner is Italian. He has lived in the States and speaks very good English. He is a CANALI retailer. Top notch service and highly recommended [[SPOILER]]
Just arrived at Ciampino Airport, ROME.
@Koala-T,You have come a long way my friend and I must use this opportunity to convey my warmest felicitations to you for demonstrating the utmost willingness to learn. Albeit, I have not been present on this forum for quite some time to follow your furtherance, but I can only but realise how quickly you have transformed all the positive constructive criticisms into application, better still execution. I must commend your resilience. May I say that I love your outfit...
Myself & family today… [[SPOILER]]
Few pick ups
Always on point…
Hi peeps,Have not posted in a good while. Oh well, thought I should share some with you guys. [[SPOILER]]
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