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I agree that the shirt is quite a snug fit but I did get bucket loads of compliment today regarding the coordination and fit especially in an area where attention to detail is of utmost importance. Nevertheless, I do understand the general consensus among members on here regarding the fit of the shirt being slightly disproportionate. I believe that everyone is entitled or not exempted to the occasional foible.
LOL, I expected such commentary !
Today's outfit even if the weather forecast today is not the best. Enjoy your weekend guys ! [[SPOILER]]
Today's outfit. Sorry guys for the copious pictures. I hard great difficulty this morning deciding which pair of shoe to coordinate my outfit. As you will notice that I had different shoes on. I finally settled for the shannon boots. [[SPOILER]]
Honestly speaking, I don't know with exactitude. I buy what what fits me and even If I go a size up, I take it to my seamstress who adapts the jacket to my morphology.Not much is taken in.Yes, I do.Thanks for the feedback.
Thanks for the feedback and thumbs up. I will try to maintain a different posture next time probably it will help bring out the best of my outfit. Regarding the lapel, I agree that it bows due to the alteration which makes the fitting of the jacket a bit snug as oppose to the generally palatable norm of this forum. I will have the jacket slightly adjusted by my seamstress.
Today's outfit. [[SPOILER]]
Just chilling on a bank holiday ! [[SPOILER]]
My contribution
[quote name="Scbrown" url="/t/234255/hof-what-are-you-wearing-right-now-part-iii/70035#post_6909749" [/quote] Nice PS !
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