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Thanks !
Well, what does it look like I drive in that picture? Take me for what you see me.
I have not posted here in a while. My contribution:
Nice jacket ! I have got the same jacket except that mine has got a brown elbow patch. As usual with all Hackett sport jackets.
Still to improve! [[SPOILER]]
It's quite possible that this particular model has been discontinued because I bought those 8 years ago in France. At the time, their boutique was called Mansfield and they didn't even have an online website. They have got really interesting models from what I have seen so far on their online collection.
Will try to compile names to faces!
Sir, I know what you mean. But you see, I wanted slightly different brand of Moccasins as oppose to what I wear habitually and that is when the idea to add the LV moccasins to my collection was born. I could not resist the urge! Anyway, they came as a gift from my wife and I couldn't say no. You can be rest assured that when I rock them, they scream less LV brand whore because the rest of my outfit coordination is classic and the moccasins with the big LV logo engrave...
Thanks for the compliment. The shoe in question is John Lobbs (Winchester). Regards !
I am very glad to share with you guys my shoe collection. I will still bring more your way. Regards ! [[SPOILER]]
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