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That check shirt is beautiful just that you could have complemented it with a strong neutral navy blue tie to enhance the conspicuous check. In my view, there is a subtle clash between the shirt and the dotted tie. Otherwise the entire outfit is dope. For my part, I love it
Roy Al,This outfit is just beautiful
@Justinkapur, love the tie
For a first post, this outfit is simply beautiful. Welcome to the board
Hi,The boots are Epsom from Edward Greens. I ordered them to my specification. Find attached a link to my order Link here
Taking the boys to Disneyland, PARIS. Brandon & Cameron have worked hard during the academic term each coming top of his class. For this reason, they deserve a treat.
A shopping spree for the little boys. They have worked hard during the academic term. Each coming top of his class. As a result, I decided to spoil them a lil' bit.
Just magnificent
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