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Sir, you should meet my dad. You two would click at first sight
Decent Mr. Andy
Love this combo. That tie
AC, love the jacket
Yes my man Stanley, keep killin' it.
Mr.GN,You are a gentleman from sole to crown
Hi folks,I have been absent for the past 5 months or so. Sorry guys if i did miss your posts. I'm back and hope to make some more contributions as usual. Find enclosed some photos taken over the weekend with the family.Note: I thought my pocket square should have been tucked in a little more. by by [[SPOILER]]
This is just so well coordinated my friend. Well done.
Thanks. Yes, they are Gucci.
End of my discovery of ROME, ITALY. Personal evaluation: 2/5 rating So far so good, FRANCE and the United Kingdom remain the best countries of Europe thus far when it comes to diversity. Don't think I would be going back to ITALY any time soon. Just thought I was in the wrong country especially for a person of colour. Few days to the end of my holiday, I came head to head with a bunch of extreme wing fascists (girls, boys, people of certain age included) who thought it...
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