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I convey my deep reverence for this coordination. Well done sir !
Seems like you borrowed Kulata's background for the pose ! BTW, nice outfit !
Today's outfit. Oh well late upload ! [[SPOILER]]
Chairman, I hail.
Thank you sir. Mostly appreciated.
The weather has been good to us thus far !
I have just been murdered on this forum today for wearing a linen pink shirt with a protruding button. Bespoke, MTM, here I come !
Thanks my most distinguished honourable monsieur Kulata. Advice taken on board. The suit is one hell of a nice fabric though.
Thanks monkeyface for the feedback. Advice taken onboard ! Oh did I mention, I need to call my other half to a board meeting tonight in which the MTM and bespoke accoutrements will be deliberated upon. BTW, I need to see a face to this your status name LOL
New Posts  All Forums: