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Have always liked your choice of ties. That shirt collar is dope
ThanksI know exactly what you mean. I wanted to go with darker shoes but my wife advised the contrary as she does the picking every morning... LOLThe tie as you rightly pointed has a wide dimension but I don't know the exact width. I bought it from Harvie & Hudson London. Hope this helps
False. We all need guidance in life and no one is an Island.Again fallacy.You forgot that what gave rise to all this peripeteia was when the main subject matter bifurcated and took a different outcome as a result of a member referring to my photos as posing and also the use of a phone. That statement alone was like a fly in the ointment and really wound me up. Please let's address the root of a problem rather than seeking to solve the surface.
Perfect fit Kulata.
There are limited edition phones out there, not all are massively produced and mine is one of those.That I know. Same could go for watches, umbrellas, brief cases ostentatiously displayed on here.I guess you would be needing that just in case your phone battery depletes and also for the benefit of uploading photos on SF with your USB.I should have known better this is what caused me the thumbs on friday or could there be anything else to it? I'm still in a state of...
Thanks and your word is ACE. For me, it's not that hard to comprehend. If people don't like me for whatever reason best known to them, they are more than welcome not to thumb up my outfit. I'm not craving for thumbs. I'm quite hard on myself and have this propensity to see things taking a different outcome as that anticipated. I'm sick and tired of having to justify this, that, why did you do this, damn. There is more to life than seeking attention on SF. When I post my...
Hahaha, because I want to and solely because nothing points me to the contrary except for few people like you who read beyond the dotted lines. Let people take it how they want. My friend, do yourself a favour by asking why people show off their watches here. Is it relevant to style forum or can we not at best stick to suit, shirt, tie and shoes?! I would also like to see if there is a specific clause of this forum that abhors the publication of phones? If that is the...
Not at all.Still thinking about thatI think you are going too far with this statement. You can only see my pictures as posing because this is the impression you have of me and this is how you have decided to interpret it. Fair enough. I can only see this as your personal state of mind and has nothing to do with objectivity.Thanks for the compliment. But if you analyse my previous posts, you can only but realise that I have made necessary efforts as regards my fits in view...
New Posts  All Forums: