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For the toecap glossy shine effect, I might as well give you a quick tutorial, if you don't know this already. Assuming you have your wax based polish. Wrap one of your polishing clothes tightly around your finger and very gently apply a layer of wax polish on the toecap surface you want to bring a high shine to. Dampen the extreme of the cloth you're polishing with in water and using a tiny bit more polish, work gently in circular motions into the leather using only your...
Mid grey flannel suit
Preparing for a fundraising marathon.I [[SPOILER]]
Thanks man for the compliment
Recent purchases I) Berg&Berg - Medallion Printed Wool Tie - Forest Green/Red/Blue - Medallion Printed Wool Tie - Deep Red/Green/Lavender - Medallion Printed Wool Tie - Rust/Blue/Khaki - Handrolled Wool Flannel Printed Tie - Navy/Blue - Floral Printed Wool Tie - Rust/Mid Blue II) Drakes - Orange Solid Woven Wool tie iii) Drakes - Brown Pure Cashmere Solid Tie - iv) Viola Milano PS - Classic Unicorn Print Silk/Wool - Coffee/Verde - Classic...
Lots of beautiful patterns here. Well play guys
Simply amazing
Beautiful outfits from sole to crown. Thanks for sharing
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