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My young family over the weekend. [[SPOILER]]
Sir,When a statutory provision is passed, it impacts on all sectors of activity directly or indirectly, hence the reason why a school regulation is a derivative of statute (law).
LolMaybe people who thumb you up go back and question why they did so. In the process, they decide to retract their thumb. Honestly, I don't really care how many thumbs I get. I just stick to what the title of this thread says 'What are you wearing right now', and I post pictures to that effect. If people decide to thumb your outfit up, it is only a matter of free will gesture. They are not supposed to. But I do understand people who crave for thumbs up here on this forum.
It's a shame that certain laws in the US are so stringent. To take a child off his parents because he/she is wearing an outfit that is considered by many to be eccentric is simply excessive. That said, I believe certain laws are put in place to achieve specific positive outcomes for the common good of the society as a whole. This is what parliament tell us and subsequently go on to promulgate laws to suit their unerring views. People see government proposals from different...
School requiring one of my boys to disguise in anything. He loves cowboys and therefore decided on the outfit. The cowboy wanted a ride to school this morning on a pony.
Naming ceremony invitation. [[SPOILER]]
My boys chilling over the weekend.
Very nice ! Is that tie drakes?
Nice choice of outfit but I think that a PS with vibrant colours would have complimented the look further more.
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