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La pochette ressort bien avec la cravate. Je dirai que vous avez bien joué avec les couleurs. Dans l'ensemble, très bien accessoirisé!
What a lovely pair of shoe this is. However, the pair will fair better benefiting from a shiny/glossy toe-cap. Albeit, done mostly for aesthetic purposes, subjectively, it improves the longevity of the leather and enhances the overall look of a well-put-together outfit.
Recent purchase for myself and kids Edward Green Grant Dark Oak Last E888 For my lovely daughter of 18 months: For my twin boys:
Love the boldness of the lapels and the buttons go well with the tie. Very well coordinated
Message taken on board. No hard feelings
If using a tuned ugly car was a means of conveying a simple message of 'please gents' use spoilers, then I don't play into such deliberate use of sarcasm. I would rather he directs the blow straight at me than using sneering images to get his thoughts out. No wonder it received that level of thumbs. Just sighing!
With the family over the weekend on my birthday
Not bad for a first post. Welcome newbie
Welcome to the forum You certainly will learn a lot here
Today's outfit. I'm not sure about the PS but decided to go with the flow. Due to time constraints, I could not carefully search through my collection for a suitable PS. That said, let me know what your thoughts are
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