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I organised a trip to Geneva in conjunction with my law firm for our newly recruited trainee lawyers. The objective of the trip was to visit the United Nations headquarters (UN) and the World Trade Organisation (WTO) to learn how dispute settlement operates in relation to international trade especially for the trainee lawyers. During the course of out visit, we met prominent dignitaries from signatory countries and we had a mutual cordial exchange. We also visited the Red...
That check shirt is beautiful just that you could have complemented it with a strong neutral navy blue tie to enhance the conspicuous check. In my view, there is a subtle clash between the shirt and the dotted tie. Otherwise the entire outfit is dope. For my part, I love it
Roy Al,This outfit is just beautiful
@Justinkapur, love the tie
For a first post, this outfit is simply beautiful. Welcome to the board
Hi,The boots are Epsom from Edward Greens. I ordered them to my specification. Find attached a link to my order Link here
Taking the boys to Disneyland, PARIS. Brandon & Cameron have worked hard during the academic term each coming top of his class. For this reason, they deserve a treat.
A shopping spree for the little boys. They have worked hard during the academic term. Each coming top of his class. As a result, I decided to spoil them a lil' bit.
Just magnificent
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