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Thanks. It's been of help.
I'm just loving this scarf. Beautiful and well coordinated.
So true but I was just so lazy to learn to tie one. I looked up so many tutorials on how to self-tie a bow tie and still could not get it right. Reason I opted for an already made one.
Spot on.
At a law ball event. My Jacket botton fell off on the day hence the reason jacket is not buttoned. A big shout out to all my distinguished learned friends. [[SPOILER]]
My young family over the weekend. [[SPOILER]]
Sir,When a statutory provision is passed, it impacts on all sectors of activity directly or indirectly, hence the reason why a school regulation is a derivative of statute (law).
LolMaybe people who thumb you up go back and question why they did so. In the process, they decide to retract their thumb. Honestly, I don't really care how many thumbs I get. I just stick to what the title of this thread says 'What are you wearing right now', and I post pictures to that effect. If people decide to thumb your outfit up, it is only a matter of free will gesture. They are not supposed to. But I do understand people who crave for thumbs up here on this forum.
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