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Thanks for your constructive criticism. This in mind, I would like to flesh out few things. Firstly, this suit and few others that I have worn of late have been items purchased from few years back when my body structure was proportionate to my suits. About last year or so, I put on massive weight and consequently my suits suffered from this change of body shape (including poppy fats here and there) and fitted snugly. Due to this development, I continued to post heavily on...
Charcoal Prince of Wales check suit A close range outdoor (notice the hue difference?) Indoors
Hi Michael81, I like the conspicuous hand finishing stitching details running along your lapels & breast pocket. Good fit too
A lightweight chestnut brown wool suit with a shantung tie. I was indecisive as to which shirt combo (light blue or pink). A tough call this morning I guess. However, I finally went with the pink. For comparisons, I included pictures of both shirts (with and without PS)
All season chalk stripe lightweight flannel suit + 100% Cashmere tie
I have always secretly admired your sports coat choice and combination
You look good my man Stanley
Disregard the unusual commentaries. It's one of those idiosyncrasies of this forum. Relax and enjoy the humour
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