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Advice taken in good faith.
Can you comment on the performance?!
Off to work. The weather is not the best. It's been drizzling since morning.Details:Suit: Gieves & HawkesShirt: Thomas pinkTie: Thomas pinkBoots: Edward Green (Shannon II)Trench: BurberryPS: PRL [[SPOILER]] Side note: I am looking to purchase a decent camera. My choice borders on two brands Canon & Nikon. For Canon, it is the Canon EOS 5D (with 18-105mm lens) and for Nikon, it is the D7100 (18-105mm). I am wondering which is the better buy. It will be used mostly for...
Thanks for drawing my attention to Boglioli. I do have few accessories from Boglioli but have never bought any RTW suits from them. Will try them out and see if they have suits with well pronounced peak lapels but I guess the centre of focus should be the fit on the waist and shoulders.
Sir, this comment is not necessary but thanks anyway for your contribution.
I guess it is the consequence of hitting the gym all day. Well, I have to move the buttons a little closer to facilitate easy closing of the jacket. I don't think alteration is necessary here as the fit is perfect for me, besides no much cloth is left inside the jacket to achieve a more generous fit by the waist. I believe once the buttons are slightly adjusted, it will reduce the excessive pulling on the buttons.
Getting ready for church service. [[SPOILER]]
My contributionBrandonCameron [[SPOILER]]
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