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Stanley, I just think your outfit is deserving of more thumbs than it generally receives on this forum. From sole to crown, your outfit coordination always gets my assent. Sheer understated elegance
I just love the effect of the faded suede
Few shots from last week. Cheers
The look is ROYAL!
Just beautiful
Simply awesome Stanley
Hi everyone,Hope all of you are keeping well. Permit me to hijack the ongoing discussion for few minutes. I have been away for some time now just to focus a little more on my Masters Degree (LLM in Financial Services) which was really daunting and challenging coupled with work and family life. As a result, I have not been following some of your posts and I do apologise for missing out on your beautiful outfits. That in mind, I have returned fully to join the band wagon of...
without tie
Hey EFV,I have not seen your post in a while. You really look good in your outfit
Not sure I would have settled for the bold navy PS. The tie is already pronounced with a dominant navy blue. In my view, a subtle paisley with an element of orange would have distinguished the overall presentation. In the existing circumstances, the outfit looks somewhat excessively colour coordinated. Otherwise, the look is decent
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