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Thanks man for the compliment
Recent purchases I) Berg&Berg - Medallion Printed Wool Tie - Forest Green/Red/Blue - Medallion Printed Wool Tie - Deep Red/Green/Lavender - Medallion Printed Wool Tie - Rust/Blue/Khaki - Handrolled Wool Flannel Printed Tie - Navy/Blue - Floral Printed Wool Tie - Rust/Mid Blue II) Drakes - Orange Solid Woven Wool tie iii) Drakes - Brown Pure Cashmere Solid Tie - iv) Viola Milano PS - Classic Unicorn Print Silk/Wool - Coffee/Verde - Classic...
Lots of beautiful patterns here. Well play guys
Simply amazing
Beautiful outfits from sole to crown. Thanks for sharing
A PS in this paisley blend would have added a bit of character to this dope combination. That said lovely jacket, though!
I have been going wild on purchases of late. That said, another addition to my E.G collection. Style: Berkeley Leather: Black Calf Last: 202 That aside, another end of year order (benefiting of free worldwide shipping) from Berg & Berg. This time, it is 100% Cashmere ties of different colours. I have nothing other than positive feedback about the top notch quality service from Berg & Berg most especially the fast FEDex service. The ties were ordered before 12pm...
Myself growing up late 80's. My dad left and me sitting right below him
I was rummaging through some old stuff and came across these pictures of my dad in his prime. The pictures date back to the mid 70's in Paris and early 80's. He was killin' fashion his own way back then. Oh dear, how time flies. Please manage the mediocre picture quality (I guess the resolution back then was great for them especially with KODAK). I just wanted to share these beautiful pictures. Cheers The year 1975 The year 1979 My dad's second car (the famous...
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